3D Modeling

Over the past several years, automated machine guidance systems have revolutionized the way projects are constructed throughout the country. To remain at the forefront of this technology, Livingston Engineering offers model building services and ground control calibrations on projects throughout the construction industry.

There are 3 basic types of 3d models that are created here at Livingston Engineering:

  • Site Models – these models are great for civil designs for office complexes, subdivisions, commercial sites of all sizes where the grading plan is based mainly on spot grades and possibly roadway profiles in sections.
  • Roadway Models – these models alignment-based models and are mainly used on highways, test tracks and road networks such as the ones found in large subdivision developments. Many utility projects can be referenced from a reference alignment.
  • Foundation Excavation Models – based upon the structural drawings as well as the civil to ensure that everything interacts smoothly on site. Foundation excavation models can be catered to the clients needs as to working room and stepping of footings to their individual working methods.

Our models are of the same grade that we use for our Survey crews to perform layout of utilities and improvements as well. This precision in the model is derived from the use of all of the spot grade data as well as looking deep into the notes and details for the different aspects of the site. Some of the benefits to basing our models the way we do are as follows:

  • Conflicts and plan issues are identified and brought to the clients’ attention prior to any conflicts on site.
  • If agreed upon with the client we will communicate and attempt to resolve design issues directly with the engineer, keeping the client informed throughout the process.
  • The use of geometric data makes the use of contours a mere check since many times, contours conflict with the engineers’ details and design. Contours are not reliable 3D data for modeling.
  • We are well versed in multiple machine control manufacturers in the field as well as the office for any needs that may arise in the calibration, and or maintenance of the site throughout the project.