GIS: Geographic Information Systems

Pushing forward as a cutting edge tool for the engineering industry is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). A GIS database is a system designed to collect, edit, analyze, manage, and present many types of data based on spatial characteristics. GIS has a history of use in engineering, planning, resource management, transportation/logistics, and demographics and is pushing into new industries such as disaster response, real estate analysis, and building information systems. With GIS, the ability to analyze and present data is limited only by the imagination and time constraints of the GIS user. At Livingston Engineering, our GIS experience will help you initiate, develope and manage a GIS database to serve your specific needs.

These Services Include:

  • Site & Facility Plans
  • Up-to-Date Records of All Utilities Systems
  • Records of Parking Lot Paving, Including Quantities and Contractor Information
  • Safety Reports
  • Production Demographics
  • Facility Improvements-Interior & Exterior
  • Historical Documents
  • Photographs/Aerial Photographs
  • Well Monitoring
  • Web Links
  • HR Information
  • Client Contacts
  • Safety Plans
  • Supplier Information
  • Invoices for Repairs Including Contractor Information