GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar

With the development of subsurface ground penetrating radar (GPR) what lies beneath the surface no longer needs to be an adventure of the unknown. At Livingston Engineering, our expertise utilizing GPR technology allows us to identify pipelines, powerlines, sewer and other underground anomalies before the first shovel hits the dirt. We also utilize similar specialized equipment to do the same identification on vertical surfaces to know what lies beyond the visual surface. Livingston Engineering uses this technology to detect utilities, structures, water, pipes in walls or rebar in concrete. This is a powerful tool for any developer, put technology to work for you.

How it works: An electromagnetic wave is sent out from a transmitter, the wave strikes an object and bounces back where a receiver collects the data. The difference between the sent and received signal allows abnormalities to be detected. The practical side is the user now has the ability to detect what is inside of something solid, like Earth or concrete.

  • Hand Held Mobile GPR
    • Our hand held GPR units can be used on walls to find pipes, conduit, rebar, or certain types of structural defects. This small portable device is ideal on construction sites, in office settings, utility rooms or wherever a need to locate hidden objects exists.
  • GPR Rover Cart
    • Our GPR Rover is a larger push behind unit that is used to collect larger swatches of data than our hand held unit. This unit can be used to locate utilities, such as buried pipes, conduits and other abnormalities in the ground such as ground water or other miscellaneous buried objects.